Skiddaw and Lonscale calling at Lattrigg

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003 Starting at the right place 004 Keswick Railway Path 005 Keswick Railway Path 006 View of Blencathra from the Keswick Railway Path 010 Keswick Railway Path
012 Keswick Railway Path 013 Keswick Railway Path 016 Keswick Railway Path 018 Keswick Railway Path 021 Keswick Railway Path
023 Still on the right path 026 The ascent of Lattrigg 030 View from the summit of Lattrigg 033 Walking towards Lonscale Fell 035 Walking towards Lonscale Fell looking back towards Skiddaw
039 The summit of Lonscale Fell 042 Walking to the east peak of Lonscale Fell from the summit 043 The top of the east peak of Lonscale Fell 044 Burnt Horse 045 View southwards from Lonscale Fell
049 Descent from Lonscale Fell 051 Burnt Horse ridge 052 Burnt Horse ridge 054 Burnt Horse ridge 055 Burnt Horse ridge
057 Looking back to Lonscale Fell from Burnt Horse 058 View of Great Calva from Burnt Horse 060 Bridge over Glenderaterra Beck 061 View of Mungrisdale Common from Glenderaterra Beck 062 The east peak of Lonscale Fell
064 Tributary of Glenderaterra Beck 065 The valley of Glenderaterra Beck 067 View from Glenderaterra Beck    
These photographs were taken when I did this walk:-   Skiddaw and Lonscale calling at Lattrigg 18th Oct 2008 2008

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