Wastwater Screes

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001 View of the Screes from Wastwater YHA 002 Wastwater YHA 003 Wastwater 004 The Screes 009 View of Wastwater from the ascent of Whin Rigg
010 The ascent of Whin Rigg 013 The ascent of Whin Rigg 014 The summit of Whin Rigg 015 View from the summit of Whin Rigg 017 View from the summit of Whin Rigg
018 Broken Rib on Whin Rigg 020 Whin Rigg viewpoint 022 Whin Rigg viewpoint 026 View downwards from Whin Rigg 028 The ascent of Illgill Head
029 View from the summit of Illgill Head 031 View of Yewbarrow from Illgill Head 032 View of Kirk Fell Great Gable and Lingmell from Illgill Head 033 View of Yewbarrow on the descent from Illgill Head 034 Wastwater Screes
035 View from the Wastwater Screes 037 Wastwater Screes 039 Wastwater Screes 041 Wastwater Screes 045 Wastwater Screes
046 Wastwater Screes 047 Wastwater Screes 048 Wastwater Screes 049 Wastwater Screes 051 Wastwater Screes
These photographs were taken when I did this walk:-   Wastwater Weekend 13th & 14th September 2008

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