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Real Estate Market Highlights

Let’s discover the current state and trends in the real estate market. We would also gladly share with you ideas and recommendations that can help you land on good property investment. Our goal is to help you think outside the box and discover countless new and viable options in real estate aside from the ones presented to you by a real estate agent or broker.

Who We Are

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We are a team of business and real estate professionals that represent We are currently operating an investment firm which is located in Miami.

As a team, we have gathered years of experience in trying to determine the best tips and tricks for you and all potential investors out there to find the best investment opportunities anywhere in the U.S. and of course, within Miami. 

Our mission is to encourage investors to learn how and where to invest their money. We also extend our guidance and assistance in helping our readers find suitable investments based upon needs, market value, and other relevant factors.

To seek advice on real estate concerns and other related inquiries; we encourage our followers to contact us via any of the live chat line numbers.

Discovering the Two Sides of the Coin

The real estate market may have gone through rough patches and challenges in the past years. However, hundreds of new investors are still looking for new investment opportunities in the U.S. every single day. Most investors rely on realtors, which is the conventional way of initiating the entire process, to find various properties.

But this is just one option to consider – just one side of the coin. What most investors are not aware of is that there could be more than what meets their meticulous eye. 

Ever wondered what’s on the other side of the coin? For all you know, this is where the real deal properties are located. And the good thing about this other side is that you don’t need a real estate agent to find them. 

Why contact a realtor when modern technology can offer you all the means to find the best deals? You can access multiple websites that feature a complete and comprehensive rundown of properties that can satisfy and supplement whatever property search you may have in mind.

These sites connect with Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that you can explore on your own. By way of doing this, you can control your own search even without the help of a real estate agent. 

Our Objective

Given the fact that there is so much promise in the field of real estate, we at would like to help our readers find the best investment opportunities out there in the market.

We can expose more properties than the ones that realtors usually feature in their common database systems or MLS similar to what Properties Miami website has.

To give you a comprehensive background about the current status of the real estate market and its potential over the coming years, here is an overview of what you can expect;

A Macro-Overview on Real Estate Market Status

The year 2019 may be considered as the start of the period wherein “a renewed stability and gradual improvement of the national real estate market” will be marked. Despite the challenges that the real estate market has faced in the past years, things are actually starting to look up from a wider perspective.

It can also be argued that instead of looking at the worst-case scenarios that had been dominating in the last 5 years, 2019 has made a good start and apparently, will not mark the end of the recovery of the housing market which began last 2012.

There is a huge possibility that the coming months and years would witness gradual stability and an overall improvement in the real estate market. 

Challenges and Temporary Setbacks in Real Estate

Real Estate Investors were disheartened over the rising interest rates which dented the market at the beginning of its recovery period in the last couple of years. In the latter part of 2018, it has been predicted that there would be a continued slowdown in the U.S. real estate market for the years ahead.

Furthermore, it has also been noted that the market was ending the year with a decline in the sales for both new and existing homes.

To further add insult to the injury, there were economists who made predictions that property rates had already reached a major peak. Moreover, some foreclosed properties listed have several serious issues ranging from minor to major structural and cosmetic renovations.

However, despite all these hullabaloos in the real estate market, the most essential indicators that determine the overall status of the industry point towards continuous growth and market stability. 

High Hopes in Real Estate Market Growth

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The fact cannot be ignored that while there is a decline in the existing sales, the long-term trend is still pointing upwards. The fact that sales for existing homes came from below the long-term trend can actually be viewed from a positive point of view, especially among long-term real estate investors.

The reason is that if you’ll look at the historical tendency for long periods of low performance based on market trends, this is eventually and always followed by a period of significantly higher performance. 

Growth in the Housing Market

The most important thing to keep in mind among investors at this point is that the long-term growth trend for U.S. homes and residential properties is still pointing up.

And with 2019 marking the recovery of this sector, both investors and home realtors can further keep their hopes up since roughly 90% of home sales within the U.S. are existing homes.

Similar data had been gathered by insurance firms in Miami based on the number of insurance claims presented to them by AllPRO Miami Public Adjuster, the majority of which are problems and concerns observed in pre-existing homes.

Furthermore, the current homebuilding outlook serves as an indication of high hopes for the real estate market. After all, home developers and home builders are in the best position to determine the factors influencing the future growth of their business.

A sure indicator of this is the consistent rising trend in home building permits based on recent government data. It has been noted that new building permits for privately-owned housing properties continue to go up since late 2018. This is a sure indication that the real estate market is bound to thrive and prosper in the coming years.