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About Us

We are a team of professionals working in the field of real estate and under the leadership of Atty. Andy Fellwalker. Our team was originally established to provide assistance and advice to various individuals who want to enter the field of real estate to buy, sell, manage or lease a property.

Over the years, we’ve managed to deal with various clients’ concerns which further inspired us to pursue our mission to explore the trends and development in the real estate market. 

Who is Atty. Andy Fellwalker?

Atty. Andy Fellwalker is a real estate lawyer who dedicated most of his career in the field of real estate investment while facilitating buyers and sellers with their transactions to ensure that the rights of each party are protected. His extensive experience and knowledge regarding the ins and outs of the industry is what inspired him to establish our organization. 

As the head of our team, Atty. Fellwalker would like to pursue his mission which is to educate and enlighten our readers and online followers about the different options available in the real estate market and to share some strategies that can help them land a favorable deal.

His dedication in his career is what led him to establish our organization in order to reach out to more people who need guidance, assistance and advice with their real estate concerns.